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Impala Load Balancing with Amazon Elastic Load Balancer

In a previous post, we explained how to configure a proxy server to provide load balancing for the Impala daemon. The proxy software used was HAproxy, a free, open source load balancer. This post will demonstrate how to use Amazon’s Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) to perform Impala load balancing when running in Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). Details Similar to HAproxy, an Elastic Load Balancer is a reverse proxy that will take incoming TCP connections and distribute them amongst a set of EC2 instances. This is done partly for fault tolerance and partly for load distribution. Cloudera’s Using Impala through a Proxy for High Availability details how load balancing applies to part of Impala. To summarize, the proxy will allow us to configure our Impala clients (Hue, Tableau, etc) with a single hostname and port. This well-known hostname will not have to be changed out if there were to be…

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IoT in Healthcare

The healthcare industry is undergoing a huge transformation. With the introduction of new IOT devices like FitBit and Livongo, health care is changing from visits to the hospitals and clinics, to diagnoses from your phone or social media. Traditional healthcare systems might be subject to imminent extinction, thanks to the aggressive digitization that has taken over the industry. The key word that we believe characterizes this change is ‘connections.’ People are becoming more connected with their body, as they can visualize and track all aspects of their health and wellness. The physician and patient are better connected as the doctor now has access to health data that goes beyond the annual checkup and past health records. The business and employees are more connected as employers now have a way of tracking the well-being of their employees. We are starting to see the development of software services that are changing the…